Intel Display Adapter Management Tool 2.0

Download 2.0

Intel Display Adapter Management Tool is a software written in C++/CLI to help users with Integrated Intel GPUs. Currently it only lets users to switch between Software Vertrex Processing and Hardware Vertex Processing for specific executables.

If you want to imporve the frame rate of your game you can try to switch from hardware to software vertex processing mode which may improve your frame rate drastically or it can also lower it (depending on the game and your CPU's speed).

New in version 2.0:
-Application doesn't exit when it can not identify the manufacturer
name, instead it assumes that it is Intel.
-There is an "Add All Supported Games" button which adds a number of
game executables into to registry. (Currently only 193 game
executables, if you see a game missing email me it's executable's name
or just write it here) All game executables are added with the default
vertex processing mode, which is hardware.


YAZAR said...

aynı hatayı veriyor bende

isair said...
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isair said...

Tek aciklamasi bir sekilde registry yi okuyamiyor olmasi. Buyuk olasilikla bir izin sorunu cunku senin soyledigin pathler otomatik olarak bulunan pathler zaten, cogu bilgisayarda basariyla buldu. Benim sana simdilik onerim UAC'u kapat oyle de calismazsa manuel olarak yapmak zorundasin ki soyle olcak:

~hl2.exe keyini buldugun registrydeki her yere ~oyununexesi isminde bir key ekliceksin (mesela left4dead icin eklicein keyin ismi ~left4dead.exe olcak) turu double word (dword) olcak ve degeri software T&L icin 1, hardware T&L icin 0 olcak.

YAZAR said...

neyse zaten x3100'de nfs shift oynayamamaya üzülmeye gerek yok

Anonymous said...

Tribes2.exe , for Tribes 2? I know it's old but since TribesNext came out to make it totally free for all, I've been playing quite a bit.

[飛] said...

Hi there, it says that it cannot specify the display adapter path...
Error looks like this:
"There is an exception while trying to find your display path!

Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Any ideas on how to solve this? I really want to use this utility :(

[飛] said...

Also, it would be great if I knew where the path is for my display adapter. (I couldn't find the path on the net)

♥KยگђคĢЯÁ♥™ said...

I am running xp and it doesn't recognise the manufacturer but it opens and show my current version of driver... But the problem is that even after changing a game to hwvp, the frame rate doesn't change... I tried with most wanted and underground 2

Unknown said...

Works on XP? Don't change fps in CoD2 and SFIV

isair said...

Don't try it on XP atm, I never had an XP machine to test with and 3 OSs on my computer is more than enough ATM. So unless I learn that a friend of mine uses XP and lets me use his computer there won't be a version that works on XP.

Unknown said...

I've installed Vista 32 bits, but don't change the fps, I try CoD2 and RE5. Cpu: Core 2 Duo 1.83 Ghz. Thanks for the answer and the program

alex m. said...

not for xp=fail.

Kleber Portilho Batista said...

Hi. Does it work on win7 64bits? If yes, which .exe of the game I have to add? The launcher.exe?

Unknown said...


But Assassin creed dx9 not working.
It is able to start the game but screen remains white blank but the sound of the starting cutscene video is heard clearly. And when its time to appear the menu(assuming by hearing audio), it crashes and says it encountered a problem.

My specs are:
intel pentium D 2.66 ghz
1 gb ram
80 gb hdd
G33 motherboard wid x3100 graphics.

Please help, as i hav seen u added Ass.creedDX9 in ur list.

Jekkaman said...

Can you please make a x64 version?

CrazyManAaron84 said...

works fine in 64 bit windows

CrazyManAaron84 said...

scratch that last comment, it worked on the 64 bit vista driver i was using, but its not working now on the 64 bit windows 7 driver lol

Anonymous said...

Can you please reupload? Mediafire has been shutdown.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I shut the software off, will it cause the changes made by the software to be off too??

Does it work on "Intel GMA HD?"

BTW, do you know how to fullscreen the games in intel gma hd?? i updated my drivers and now i can't fullscreen them.

isair said...

@crazylilboy1313 The link is working fine.

@wahrheit28 You can safely close the application after making changes.

Ragnar said...

Hi, i have intel GM965, and i want to play quake wars but i made the changes with this program and i haven't seen any change. The FPS are between 4 and 6, with and without make the change qhit the program. I don´t know if i make any error. Sorry for my english.

gozatela1024 said...

todos son unos hijos de puta

kangtok said...

it is look like very nice,.. i'll try it thx.. :)
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TONY said...

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Unknown said...

TEST it on xp as soon as possible

Mr_Aaron_H said...

@Tony gma booster doesn't work for x3100(intel gma 965) LOL

Mr_Aaron_H said...

btw for any of those that can't use this due to errors (if trying to run in xp for example) you can try the "intel gma reg modder" you can google it and find the links to download (a lot of links aren't working but im sure its out there somewhere still)

Unknown said...

this file has been removed

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