Intel Display Adapter Management Tool 2.0

Download 2.0

Intel Display Adapter Management Tool is a software written in C++/CLI to help users with Integrated Intel GPUs. Currently it only lets users to switch between Software Vertrex Processing and Hardware Vertex Processing for specific executables.

If you want to imporve the frame rate of your game you can try to switch from hardware to software vertex processing mode which may improve your frame rate drastically or it can also lower it (depending on the game and your CPU's speed).

New in version 2.0:
-Application doesn't exit when it can not identify the manufacturer
name, instead it assumes that it is Intel.
-There is an "Add All Supported Games" button which adds a number of
game executables into to registry. (Currently only 193 game
executables, if you see a game missing email me it's executable's name
or just write it here) All game executables are added with the default
vertex processing mode, which is hardware.