Intel Display Adapter Management Tool 1.5

Download Version 1.5

Intel Display Adapter Management Tool is a software written in C++/CLI to help users with Integrated Intel GPUs. Currently it only lets users to switch between Software Vertrex Processing and Hardware Vertex Processing for specific executables.

If you want to imporve the frame rate of your game you can try to switch from hardware to software vertex processing mode which may improve your frame rate drastically or it can also lower it (depending on the game and your CPU's speed).


Anonymous said...

it still gives an error about XP, i have latest drivers and such...

My specs:

Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.73 ghz
Intel GMA X3100
1GB Ram

Nacho said...

drieg500, i think this tool only run on windows 7.

I have other question, sif I increase the "memory ram" the tool will work best? thx.

isair said...

It runs on windows vista and 7 but it has problems reading registry on XP. BTW your RAM doesn't effect the performance gain provided by this tool but it should effect the performance of your IGPU as integrated GPUs use system RAM as VRAM. If you want to have a really good performance boost with this tool you need to have a good processor.

ET said...

I have Vista and I have the same error at start. I have my drivers updated and Net.Framework too.

Could u help me?
please answer to:

isair said...

I'll post a new version of a modded driver I made tomorrow, until then if you can write me the name of the .exes of your games I can boost their performance in my MD, so install it and you won't need to use this software. I'll also post an automatic driver modifier tomorrow too.

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